Professional Practice

This page will be an ongoing reflection on my practice as a tangible object or living entity, within it will be a frantic and desperate attempt to merge all of my interests and material processes in order to find the essence of my work, and hopefully carve out a niche.

Week 1

To start off the Reflect an Research unit, we have been asked to fill out the above form to help us plan out what we will be doing in order to find new artists and how it relates to our practice. It will also help us get into productive thought processes and prepare us for graduation.

My first goal I want to achieve is to understand the techniques I’m best at, and the subject matter I enjoy and combine them into the same projects. I would like to develop a clear and distinct way of making pictures. Now that I have moved back home, I’m ready to set up a routine that I can rely on and build up equipment that will help me achieve a solid work flow.


After reflecting on the last two years of making work, it is quite clear that I like a book. All of my reflective journals I bound myself and most of my projects turned into a book somewhere down the line. Thinking back, thats how I got into photography in the first place; it was the Booths catalogs. I remember every December I would pick up a copy and blast through it before we got to the checkout. They were only really any good until December 2017, after that they must have brought on a new creative team. It was never the same afterwards; the new team dropped the vernacular, straight on still lives and took on a more candid approach, happy white families enjoying each other, with the occasional quiche.

I have had a lot of ups and downs with photography and the picture making process. I always get the feeling of Is that it? so I have tried many techniques to keep my work on the craft side of things. I’ve done print making onto hand made papers, collecting objects/images, collaging and using images along side pieces of writing. I’m still unsure what is actual is I want to say clearly, but I’ve always felt that I can’t say it with just photographs alone. Theres always been a pull towards other things, which is great. I’m going to be showing writing, collages, mixed media work and photographs on this page. Hopefully they will start to gel as one clear voice.

5 Key Words

For now, they are as follows;

  • Folk Art
  • Collage
  • Process/Material Based
  • Still Life
  • Place

I have been responding to still life and objects with collage and photography for the last two years, I didn’t think my work discussed anything else. But recently I realised that it relates to ideas of place just as much. I have a strange and unexplored relationship with place. After moving around my entire life, for the first time I feel settled and at home. I want to respond to my surroundings and develop a relationship with a piece of land. I think the most interesting way for me to explore these ideas is through folk lore, and folk art as it allows me to I have always been interested in narrative, and my work has always been based in craft, so I think that I want to develop a look reminiscent of folk art, a look that is handmade and doesn’t take itself too seriously.

Employment and Careers

Here is a list of possible jobs that I would be happy doing;

  • Start a small publishing company that sells books and detritus
  • Exhibit my work in galleries
  • Teach? (Maybe teach workshops)
  • Councillor/Art Therapist?
  • Archiving
  • Studio assistant?
  • Working in a gallery (Bodyguard, Talker, Receptionist)
  • Working in a book store
  • Working in Venture Arts studio

Updated Learning Agreement;

Action Plan

Blog Overview

Talent Lab

Last week Alicia hosted Talent Lab, a whole week of talks given by artists that are relevant to our course, the speakers talked about their work and process. The feedback I wrote seems a bit sarcastic because I’m still unsure what I’m doing with my career and I’m frustrated that I don’t seem to be getting the answers that I want. I feel like we’re taught how to think like an artist but most of the selected artists are commercial photographers and there is very little being said about how to actually sell your art. Maybe I’m being picky and need to readjust, but I keep feeling that none of this information is relevant to me somehow.

That being said, its nice to be able to have this information and it’s scary to have to look and assess yourself so much when you have zero job security, but everyone is in the same boat, and there’s on rush really.

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